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CEO Message

Since establishment of the company, we have had indefinite ambition. We believed that opportunities do not happen alone, but we must create them and we have not lost faith in our potentials to achieve success, despite, all the violent changes and difficulties that our country has been through. And when we have observed many failures of those who did not feel how close they were to achieve the objective when they surrendered, we realized how willingness and determination are important, so we innovated by planning & organizing our way toward success.

Based on this vision, Yemen Equipment & Supply Ltd. was established as a fast growing company to become, in the following years, one of the leading companies in providing distinguished products and services in a range of vital sectors. Moreover, we are proud, during specific period; the company has proved to be one of the main players in the field of power generation and water pumps with which the company was launched in 2003.

Today, the company has several specialized and independent sectors and has become a representative of many international companies. Growth and expansion strategy that has been adopted by the company since establishment has contributed to Economy and created new jobs opportunities and we have been able to reach a wide range of customers across the country. Nevertheless, We are still keen to strengthen our role in community programs as well as expanding outside Yemen.

We hereby express our deep appreciation and gratitude to our dedicated qualified well-trained employees and our customers’ trust and support, which was and still the crucial motivation to achieve more ambitious goals.

Nizar Alazzani


Our vision

Guaranteed Quality of Products & Services.

Our Mission

Building long term relationships with our customers through providing exceptional services & products that guarantee full satisfaction of our employees.