Agricultural Sector

The company aims at participating in realizing the food security in Yemen through qualitative investment in the agricultural field, both plant and animal, bearing in mind aspects of health and quality of our products even at the expense of the quantity of production. The company has also taken into account to resolve the major problems facing the agricultural production in Yemen, such as the energy problem and the problem of water scarcity and land and other natural resources degradation.

Company founders have taken into consideration an integrated plan for this sector through the following:

To invest in renewable bio-energy resources and in the production of organic fertilizer while at the same time establish a factory for the production of biogas extracted from animals organic waste. This plant will be the first in Yemen for the production of solid and liquid organic fertilizer, which we hope will play an important role in the development and expansion of organic agriculture in Yemen. This plant is our simple contribution to try and solve the energy problem in Yemen. To invest in the production of various vegetables, especially in greenhouses style organic farming or the so-called agriculture without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The company has invested in the production of natural eggs produced through one of the best breeds of poultry, and which are distinguished by not being fed by any animal diets and concentrates as we pledged to use concentrates and diets of plant origins only.

the company wants to be a pioneer in solving the water problem in Yemen by adopting the most economical method of irrigation water at all compared to other systems, including drip irrigation-by adopting an underground surface irrigation technique bottles. This new system is a system of delivery of irrigation water you need trees directly to the roots without touching the water surface soil which reduces a lot of water evaporation and losses occurring during irrigation, especially in our dry and warm.

the company wants to take the lead in adopting "zero-tillage farming" in Yemen for their new technical advantages lead to soil conservation, reduce time and effort in agriculture, fuel and provide money for farmers, and may increase production quantity. And thereupon the company tries in partnership with others in the Arab world are interested in this technique to import machinery.

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