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Generators Sector

Having recognized the importance of the power generation sector as a main factor in achieving comprehensive development, the company has dedicated, since the first moments of its initiation, all its financial, human and technical resources in this vital sector.

Today the company provides a wide range of power generators from the best and high quality sources through representing AKSA of Turkey, Fuji Toshin of Japan, LISTER PETTER of Britain , INMESOL of Spain and SUNSHOW of China, with various electrical capacities from ½ kw to generation systems in Megawatt based on the best standards in order to ensure high efficiency, low fuel consumption, lowest noise levels and emissions & at competitive prices Since our company was established, we have considered establishing a specialized technical department to provide pre- and after-sales services.

Therefore we employed a bunch of the best engineers and technicians realizing that the efficiency of the technical department, provision of spare parts and after sale services are the main success factor for companies that chose to operate in this felid. The company provides its customers with maintenance contracts and has a mobile workshops and insures providing spare parts on a continuous basis.

" Proud that our generators have become the cornerstone for telecom companies in Yemen"

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Our vision

Guaranteed Quality of Products & Services.

Our Mission

Building long term relationships with our customers through providing exceptional services & products that guarantee full satisfaction of our employees.