Medical Equipment & Supplies Sector

In view of the success of the company in many vital sectors and since it believes that the private sector must contribute to the improvement and development of the infrastructure of the medical sector in our country, we established the medical equipment and supplies sector by fully relying on the expertise of the most qualified doctors and engineers specialized in this field and after careful consideration of the needs of this important sector

Today, the company represents a group of French, German, Swiss and British major medical equipment and supplies companies; in addition to Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Chinese and others that rely on the latest technology in manufacturing medical equipment and supplies and high quality surgical consumables.

The company is proud that it has become, within a few years, one of the most important companies working in this field and one of the main suppliers for international organizations working in Yemen. It has the potential to equip hospitals, clinics and dental centers with various furniture and medical equipment and to provide pharmacies and health centers with all their needs of medical supplies and consumables.

The company is so committed to apply a package of procedures such as the selection of the best product and storage procedures safety, provide an advice and a technical support and make spare parts available for all equipment provided through the sales networks distributed in most governorates of the Republic, as part of its endeavor to provide integrated services to reach the leading level in the field of medical equipment and supplies.

Our vision

Guaranteed Quality of Products & Services.

Our Mission

Building long term relationships with our customers through providing exceptional services & products that guarantee full satisfaction of our employees.