Oil Services Sector

Since it has been eligible company for the Oil Exploration and Production Authority at the Ministry of Oil and Minerals and under registration number (1010) as one of the oil services companies specialized in a range of authorized services such as: Inspection and survey of facilities (N.D.T), preparing and maintenance of oil tanks, centrifugal pumps services and supply of equipment, security and safety products, etc., the company has implemented numerous contracts and supplies for some of the oil companies

The company is ambitious to be the most preferred station for all exploration and production companies operating in the country.
Our service activities:-

  • General Maintenance, Advance NDT, and Inspection Services
  • Electromechanical Work and Maintenance
  • Heavy Logistic Transportation
  • Oil Well Logistics Services
  • Pipeline Civil Work and Maintenance
  • Oil & Gas Tanks Fabrication and Maintenance
  • Petrochemical & Terminals Fabrication and Maintenance Works

Our vision

Guaranteed Quality of Products & Services.

Our Mission

Building long term relationships with our customers through providing exceptional services & products that guarantee full satisfaction of our employees.